Slasher Axles

Each axle comes complete with inboard and outboard CV joints already assembled onto a 4340 chrome-moly steel axle bar so you get convenience and high-quality parts.

Inside the assembly, every gear, spline, and bearing surface has been precision ground and lubricated with a high-load moly grease so you can trust the axles to operate properly and deliver reliable performance. Neoprene boots cover each joint and are designed to hold up against ozone specifically, the leading factor in boot failure.

With components and construction this robust and this precise, these are axles you can count on. But, if you do experience trouble you can always rely on Slasher Product’s 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty to help out.


  • Sold each
  • Left and right side axles sold separately
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Axles come fully assembled on a 4340 chrome-moly steel axle bar
  • Internal precision ground components are assembled with high-temp, high-load moly grease for proper lubrication
  • CV joints boots are made from neoprene specifically to combat ozone deterioration while retaining flexibility and strength against tearing and puncture


About Slasher: Slasher Performance offers a wide variety of  aftermarket parts and accessories for the ATV, UTV enthusiasts. Ranging from goggles to axles passing by tires and the all New LED light bars;  Slasher offers quality products at a competitive price.  If you are looking for diversified products to upgrade the performance of your ride Slasher has you covered.  Slasher is focused on delivering performance, quality, and customer satisfaction by offering products at affordable prices.