This past Thursday we hosted our 2019 Shot media launch with all the major magazine editors at Milestone Raceway. This years event was a huge success with every major media publication showing up to see the 2019 lineup and view the new features. 25 Magazine staff members attended the event with titles such as: Racer X, Dirt Bike Magazine, Motocross Action, Vital MX, Dirt Rider, Cycle News, Cycle World, Dirt Rider Magazine and Transworld MX. Each magazine employee received a set of 2019 Shot gear to go out and test on a perfectly prepped private track. We received great feedback on the fit, the colorways and how the gear has progressed this year with all the new materials and construction. The 2019 gear is way more vented and flexible than previous years without sacrificing longevity. The Aerolite Delta pant is 19% lighter than last year. Lets use this information to get the 2019 Shot Gear in shops! Thank you